Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell email addresses?

No, we do not sell email addresses. In accordance with anti-spam legislation we do not provide email addresses. However, you may begin collecting email addresses from interested parties as you call or mail our databases.

Can I print mailing labels?

Yes! Using Microsoft Word you can create labels or print envelopes with the name/contact details from our Canadian Doctor List Database.
You can even personalize your marketing material with fields from the database using MailMerge. Please visit this page from Microsoft for more information on how to print mailing labels or complete a mail merge.

How often are your lists updated?

We update our lists at least once per month. The update date is always posted with the list so you know the date of the data you’re working with.

Looking for more current records? Contact Us about special pricing for immediate updates.

Where do you get your data?

Our data is updated and compiled monthly from a variety of sources, which includes: licensed data products, business listings and professional directories.

We are confident that we offer the most accurate and up-to-date information on medical professionals in the United States, which is why all of our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How accurate are your lists?

The information is as accurate as provided by the medical professionals to the government mandated organization’s which govern them. Any errors reported to us are immediately updated in our lists.